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New ads, stale theme

New Conservative attack ads are out today.  I can’t say that I am overly impressed with them, as they are repeating an old theme that was already getting stale. How many Canadians don’t know that Ignatieff spent time in the United States? And at this point in his career, besides the Conservative base, how many really care? These quotes might have been interesting when Ignatieff first took over as the Liberal leader, but they have been overused since then. At this point they are pretty stale although Conservative partisans will still love to see them out there.

The Conservatives also produced an aggressive ad to take a shot at Jack Layton. When you consider that Layton might be the only party leader willing to compromise on the budget, it leaves one with the impression that the Conservatives are hoping they anger him enough that he won’t support them in that crucial vote. Of course Conservative spinners will still insist that they don’t want an election.

It remains to be seen if the Conservatives actually pay for these ads to be run on the various networks or if this is just a ploy to use the media to report on them and therefore promote the ads for free. Saturation news coverage of the ads and reporters asking Ignatieff and Layton to respond to them while they are on their pre-election tours will serve as a nice destabilizer. This will force the Liberal and NDP spinners to react, driving them temporarily off their own messaging. That of course makes the effort worthwhile for the Conservatives and their “friends” in the media will be helping them to do it for free.

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Reader Comments (4)

Layton is asking for things that are non-negotiable?

Our PM is familiar with the Martin-Layton record of support and is not interested in being vulnerable of giving Layton any cover.

It appears (to me) the timing to trigger an election may be this spring. How will Canada fare if the US or Europe become embroiled in another crisis?

Things don't look promising with sovereign deft or the currency war between the US and developing economies. Canada again will be caught up.

With this uncertainty, this may be the best time to allow the opposition to unite again and force Canadians to chose which direction.

My favourite was rising to the challenge. Reminded me of "Its morning in america again"

January 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCanadianSense

If these ads are stale, how about the fake lake and g8/g20 costs. It will be years before we host those again so it is a non issue. And considering that the lib exaggerated the costs and size of said lake why should we believe anything they say,
Funny thing about lies, the truth usually comes out. Look how the leftist media went crazy about the killer in AZ. Have they said, oops we were wrong.

January 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMary T

If the Liberals are going to make reference to the CPC as "the Tea Party",
then the CPC rightly will answer that with reference to Ignatieffs speech " we Americans"

Liberals and their media are pretending the coalition is PMSHs imaginary boogeyman,
they did it , they will do it again.

January 17, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterwilson

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