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Time to end the gravy train

The Bloc is well known for making outrageous demands. Usually they were of a fiscal nature designed to pit Quebec against the federal government and the rest of the country. This fit nicely with the party’s long term goal which was the break up of Canada. This aim was crystal clear when they trotted out Jacques Pariseau in the last election to try to rally the separatist troops to the Bloc cause.

The latest demand made by Maria Mourani, a Bloc MP on the island of Montreal, is also about money but it is disguised as a request to be granted full party status in the House of Commons. Presently they only have four MPs, well below the 12 required for party status.  Granting their latest request will open up federal pocket books to once again supporting the Bloc and their cause by providing them with money for research staff and a leader’s office etc.

Full party status will also guarantee Bloc MPs a regular slot in the daily Question Period from which they will continue to promote their political interests in Quebec by setting up conflicts with Ottawa. As it is now, the number of questions they will get to ask is quite limited. The Bloc can always approach another party to use some of their question slots and that has been done in the past with other independent MPs. This also holds true for committee seats. Right now committee membership will be limited to the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals.

There is no reason for any federalist leader or party to raise the Bloc’s profile in the House. Let the Bloc go cap in hand to their PQ brethren for the funds they need to survive. It’s time Canadian taxpayers told them to get off of the federalist gravy train.

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BQ can easily join the NDP caucus where most of the previous BQ mps are at right now.

May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen

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